How it all began by Alien Bommel

I‘ m Liz, I have a stupid condition called Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) , it’s an inflammatory autoimmune disease. In the 1980s as a European, I didn’t have the opportunity to get health insurance in America. Long story, I’ll make it short.

At that time I had played the first game from Maxis on a Commendor 64. The game was called SimAnts. I was so excited about this game and lovwl designed, but I couldn’t realize my dream as a gaming designer, I just became a graphic designer and stayed in Europe.

I went my way and stayed creative on another level. Became a graphic designer, paints in my free time. Created 3D objects as mods for games. I came to EA anyway and supported game projects like Spore ( I was the Newsmaker into community, created som helpful tutorials , workouts another content )… Darkspore with EA Nordic was a amazing time… Hello Kitty, My Baby Boy and My Baby Girl, were game projects that I represented publicly for EA Germany…

Over the years, Bommel had the opportunity to get to know and accompany other projects. There were games from Redbull (Sweden) and the game Atomic Space Command to name a few.

Met and interviewed God Father Will Wright. The creators of The Sims Series, SimCity and Spore. I received awards from EA for my work, I did so many projects with EA like Hello Kitty, The Little Pet Shops and did a lot of public relations for EA. In rehab I did the public relations with EA Sport „EA Sport Active“ on Nintendo Wii as Wi-Rehab for people with special needs.

I’m really proud to say. I’m Always full of power, never say i can’t do. I found out that sometimes my limits were higher than I thought. #gamingindustry vs #graphicdesigner #rheumatoidarthritis #rheuma

I am EA AHQ Hero. You can find me in the respective EA forums of Simpsons, Spore and Sims Gaming on Mac in Germany and English.

Alien Bommel is a registered fansite by Maxis

Final word. Never give up on your dreams. Sometimes they need a little more time to develop <3

Thank you for visiting my blog.