The Sims 4 Franchise added MORE FESTIVITIES OBJECTS to the Holiday Pack
2×1 Ceiling light
Mason jar candles
A log display… with candles
Some new decoratives!
Ceiling snowflake décor
Mason jar décor
Bough wall hanging
Wood carving wall hanging
A fireplace façade (for decorative purposes only)
A new Picnic table
And more clothing things…
A sweater top for kids
A female full body outfit
Female pants
A female hair
A male sweater
A male hair

Slippers for male and female
Yeti costume, unless you choose brown, then it’s a Bigfoot costume

All Holiday pack objects can be found easily in the catalog by using the Holiday Pack filter, in the filter sort options.
Remember, if you have not yet downloaded the Holiday Pack, click on the Holiday Pack icon from the Main Menu! And if you have already downloaded the pack previously, you don’t need to do anything, you have the updates now!

20. december 2018

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