How can I play Battlefield 1 via remote from Mac to PC
Yes is it possible, but not directly on Mac. You need a remote control tool that connects to the PC. One of the most famous is Teamviewer. For some days ago get my Teamviewer a big problem, he didn’t let me control my soldiers or vehicles, I could still look left and right. I changed the firewall port, I changed so much, but nothing helped.

My husband came up with a very different idea, he works in IT area. Why don’t you use the Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac? It does 1 to 1 of all your mouse and keyboard settings, even those of the Mac to PC

Ok I installed the program and what can I say. I had a brilliant resolution and graphics, I can control my soldiers and vehicles again.
Therefore, my best recommendation installs from the AppStore the Microsoft Remote Dektop

23. januari 2018

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Glöm inte att äldre versionen av MS Remote Desktop stöds inte längre på MacOS.  Har du möjligheten att uppdatera till senaste versionen 10

Mac App Store
Microsoft Remote Desktop FAQ

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Uppdatering av Microsoft Dektop Remote 10 på Mac
En ny version av Microsoft Remote är tillgänglig

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