Unwise interaction in The Sims Mobile: Why your Sim should never steal Money
Objects or Research results and much more

I get complaint from parents whose children playing The Sims Mobile. Why are kids, teens in the game animated to steal things. Be it money, sandwiches or as now in the research results from the hospital. I personally do not find this interaction pedagogically good and I am against this interaction.
Even if it’s just a game, should developer never forget, that children cannot always distinguish adolescents from good and bad. They trust us adults, we should be a role model. Therefore, lovely Sim’s friends, always choose a middle path, never leave the path of virtue. I marked the best interactions
[Image: 274c.svg] Red – Never steal things from other Sims. Never steal objects in real life.
[Image: 26a0.svg] Yellow – This interaction you would have to invest money! (SimCash)
[Image: 2705.svg] Green. Go the path of virtue. Choose if you can in a cupcake, if you do not want it. Choose the cheapest path.
Don´t forget – Your thoughts and actions influence your own life but have an influence over the lives of others. Only you have control over things in your life

28 juni 2018

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