FAQ: Spore on Mac


The game is still popular and we get thousands of inquiries.

Why won’t my spore open on Mac. We’re updating the guide and this is supposed to answer all your questions
First the following facts about Spore
Spore runs stable and safety on the latest macOs Sierra

Where is the game not running?

On virtual machines which simulate a mac platform
On newer iMac’s which used a higher screen resolution. Please start the game always in windowed mode
Remember; Spore is an older game and doesn’tt support the current screen resolutions

How do I install Spore correctly on Mac

Download the game through Origin with an EA det ID or install via CD with an extern Disk Drive
First: Make a Right-click on the game cover, disable Origin in the game
Under Properties, copy your code with ⌘C
Install the game
Open the game, you are asked if you should patch the game, say no
When the game is open, first set the final screen resolution und Settings in Spore
Close the game
Open again the game, you will be asked if you want to install the patch. Say yes installed all four patch
When everything is installed, open the game again
Set again the final settings, screen resolution, download cache etc
Then log in via the main menu, see below left corner

Where can I find the Spore folder

Navigate under 
\Users\[YourUserName]\Library\Preferences\SPORE Preferences\p_drive\User\Application Data\Spore\
In this folder you will find all the important data, including your saved games = Folder Games
Folder Preferens 
You’ll find the login files prop. If you have a problem with the login, you should delete it. Both files refresh it, if you start the game again

This cache is important, it is the brain of your sporepedia. All downloads and creations can be found in tmp files
GraphicCache package 
Must be deleted from time to time. They getting larger with time and can cause in game problems

Deleting Spore Cache on Mac
Navigate to Library / Preferences / SPORE Preferences / p_drive /User / Aplication Data /Spore/ Delete the graphic Cache.package

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  1. How can I change the language code in Spore – Bad Data error

    Before you change the config, make a backup of it
    Navigate under-> Users/YourUserName/Library/Preferences/SPORE Preferences/
    Right click ”Config” and Open with TextEdit -> Scroll down and keep an eye under following line
    Type now the following countries code in the same line. Save it

    The Languages support Spore.
    cz-cz: Czech
    da-dk: Danish
    de-de: German
    el-gr: Greek
    en-gb: British
    en-us: American English
    es-es: Spanish
    fi-fi: Finnish
    fr-fr: French
    hu-hu: Hungarian
    it-it: Italian
    nl-nl: Dutch
    no-no: Norwegian
    pl-pl: Polish
    pt-br: Brazilian
    pt-pt: Portuguese
    ru-ru: Russian
    sv-se: Swedish

    PC Guide

    Where can I find the Spore cache file on PC

    Where can I find the Spore cache file, which I must to delete in Spore!

    The directions are!
    Go under> PC > > C / Username / AppDate / Roaming / Spore
    If you do not see the folder, you have to change the admin setting first

    Shared Spore creatures do not appearing in its ingame sporepedia of my buddies

    For PC Users

    If your creations aren’t see by your friends, they should clear the graphics cache.
    In order to do this,
    – You must have admin permission
    – You should make all folders visible

    Can’t Get Achievements in Spore

    If you don’t get achievements, there are reasons for that. Can it be, that you have chatet in Spore! No matter in which phase, or did you use a money cheat. Every little manipulation turn off your achievements and they gone forever.

    For Steam Players

    The time achievements you get only if you play directly over Origin and not in Steam

    Expand the cache size in Spore under settings/graphic

    Open Spore and navigate under the settings, keep an eye to the graphic size

    Which folders do I need to backup for a restore!

    Documents/ My Spore Creations and
    /Library/Preferences/SPORE Preferences/p_drive/User/Application Data/Spore/Preferences/Games

    The big spore folder directory > AppData \ Roaming \ SPORE
    Documents > My Spore Creations

    Get a red X crossed out symbol in the top left corner

    If you have a lot of Spore creations more than 6.000 in-game Sporepedia, they will be slowly loaded.

    What can you do!
    Expand the in-game cache in Spore under settings
    Delete the Graphic Cache in Spore

    Navigate to Spore directory on PC in% appdata% / Roaming / Spore and find the Pollination.package. She’s the in-game sporepedia. Drag it out of the folder and put it on the desktop. Start the game again and the game will load everything again

    Exception raised error on Mac

    You can try to delete the login prop and preferences.prop

    Navigate under /Users/YOUR_USER/Library/Preferences/Spore Preferences/p_drive/User/Application Data/Spore

    Delete the inside of the folders in Preferences
    login prop and preferences.prop

    Access Violation Error

    ACCESS_VIOLATION writing address 0x188a0000 on startup or during you save the game!


    This error cannot be fixed. Maybe your game is permanently corrupt. Other new saved games will be broken if you create them. Possible error is a malware that causes this. Check your computer, uninstall the game. Only when everything is ok, install the game again. Avoid using a backup

    Spore: Stuck in a Wormhole

    The problem is, you can’t zoom out the galaxy.

    How can you fix it!

    If your spaceship is in a place where it can’t interact with other empires, you’re stuck in a whormhole

    There is hope if you can interact with another aliens

    Step 1: Attack the nearby Empire and let your spaceships attack until you die.
    Then you will be transported to the next colony, so the game restarts on this point again

    Step two is a bit more challenging:

    This trick only works, if the empire is close to the archetype of Shaman

    Wait until your empire strength increases to 5, accept the mission to change the archetype, switch to the shaman. Tatata you come back to your home world

    #1 Spore on Mac won’t start

    Spore on Mac and its DLC is only available as a digital download
    This can lead to small start-up issue

    1. Open Origin, navigate to settings in Origin and disable spore in Origin. Using these settings, the game should work without problems

    2. If an older game does not want to start, start over the cider exce

    #2 Spore on Mac won’t start

    Navigate under ▶ ️Library / Preferences / SPORE Preferences / config with the text editor open the file and change the backbuffer now from ”flobackbuffer” = ”0” to ”flobackbuffer” = ”1”


    Navigate under Programs, right-click on App ”Show package contents”. Now navigate to the folder Contents ▶ ️ MacOS and start the game via one of the cider exce

    Spore Creepy and Cute parts pack won’t load & install on Mac via Origin

    The secret why you cannot do this is so simple. Anyone who has previously played the game on PC has of course, continued the digital download in Origin.

    Therefore it is visible in Origin also on Mac platform
    But the pack is not compatible with the Mac and therefore you cannot install it either

    Spore CC is only available for the PC platform


    There is a way to install CC on Mac if you have a physical version
    Navigate to the Spore app in application, right-click say ”Show package content” >Contents> Resources > transgaming > c_drive > Spore > Data and add within the data folder the SPORE_BP1

    DVD install path: /Applications/SPORE/Spore.app/Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/SPORE_BP1/Data (Spore Booster Pack)

    Can’t login to the Spore Server

    Refresh the login.prop in Spore

    Direct path
    \Users\[YourUserName]\Library\Preferences\SPORE Preferences\p_drive\User\Application Data\Spore\

    Check your Firewall Ports

    TCP ports

    On PC

    Delete the prop file and check your firewall ports, Spore must be approved.

    To fix this issue, try browsing to the Spore folder and remove the login.prop file by following the instructions below:
    Double-click on My Computer.
    Double-click on the C: drive.
    Double-click on Users.
    Double-click on your User Name.
    Double-click on AppData.

    Note: The AppData folder may be hidden. To unhide it, go to the Control Panel and click on Folder Options, then on View. Check the box beside Show hidden files, folders and drives. Then click Apply and OK.
    Open the Roaming folder
    Double-click on Spore.Then double-click on Preferences.
    This folder should contain the login.prop file. Right-click and delete this file and restart Spore.
    If you continue receive the error after trying the steps above, try logging in in the following way:

    Duplication creation in Spore

    Have you checked your spore directories? Make sure that all folders are in the correct directories (that there are no duplicate folders or missing folders).

    If this not the case , uninstall and reinstall Spore again

    Where can I find the Spore cache file, which I must to delete in Spore!

    The directions are!
    Go under> PC > > C / Username / AppDate / Roaming / Spore
    If you do not see the folder, you have to change the admin setting first

    Change your screen resolution in Origin out of the game

    Especially in older games makes those sense

    An example

    Navigate > Open Origin > Origin Library -> Right click on ”Spore” click on -> Game Properties -> ”Advanced Launch Options” -> > type -r.1920×1080 , press return

  2. Can’t change my Spore Screename

    Make sure what you are doing. Spore is linked to your account any change could break the game from your account. It would no longer be playable, your creations would no longer be available

    It would no longer be playable, your creations would no longer be available

    The best thing you can do, contact a game advisor and ask

    Before Spore was moved to Origin. Was it possible to change the screen name up to 4x times. I can therefore not say 100% whether this is still working.

    The old way was this, see below

    All Spore screen names created under one Master Account will use the same email address and password for logging in to the game or the website. To log in with a specific screen name, put a colon and a screen name after the email address on the login screen.

    What does it mean when I set up an account as the [Default] account?
    The account designated as the [Default] account will be able to log in to the game or the website with just the email address (i.e., without the colon and screen name appended to it).

    How do I manage the screen names for my account?
    Currently the only way to manage screen names is via the Manage Screen Names page on Spore.com.
    Click on Manage Spore Screen Names in the navigation at the top of the page.
    From here you can add up to 4 additional screen names for your Spore account.

    **What happens if one of the screen names gets in trouble with Spore Customer Service?**
    If one screen name gets a warning, suspension or ban, it will apply to the all screen names tied to the Master Account.

    How do I log into the game or onto the website?
    For the Default screen name: Enter the email address and the password used to set up the Master Account and click Login.
    For any non-Default screen name: Enter the email address, a colon, and the appropriate screen name and the password used to set up the Master Account; then click Login.

  3. I can’t get the Front Page News achievement

    The problem are, this was one of the most difficult achievements I remember. Unfortunately, this achievement is no longer available. Since this success has been suspended since 2015, the creations presented are no longer updated on the front page.

    With these achievements it was important that you create a qualitative creation, many users had to download and rate it. Only then could come in of the Walk of Frame, btw Front Page News

  4. Creations, planets aren’t shown up. Other glittches with the Sporepedia (ingame)

    Those are a fine fix

    Make sure you are using the right path Spore folder Spore“ located in:


    The most important data is in the main folder „Games“

    There are two „saves“ Game0 and Game0.old folders (they are your home planet)

    Keep an eye to “ Pollination.package „, because there all your (downloaded) creations and Sporepedia are located.

    Backup the entire Spore folder and drag it to the desktop Launch the game again.

    The main folder should recreate again.

    Move each individual file from the Spore desktop folder to the new Spore folder in AppData path.
    Please do not take (copy) the entire folder and replace it.

  5. How you change the captain outfitter

    Click on the creation so that it has a yellow frame. The editing function should then be visible, at the bottom right. Take a look at my picture

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