Colorblindness Mode for Battlefield 1

Hi Guys,
We optimized some color blinding filters on our Geforce GTX 750 for Battlefield 1. It should be possible with this filter your opponents more to recognize.

  1. Please open your Nvidia Panel and  Settings and optimize the color. I put an arrow, keep an eye below the pics
  2. We choose 80 and 89% = Result. You get a pink / green picture with pink icon
    This color adjustment also simulates the game. Please note that you select your color filter into the game as well
  3. Other Settings: And this got the most votes from you
  4. 8% Digital Adjust,  22% Color = Result -> You get a beautiful silver, black, white, color. Opponents are marked red and you see your target
  5. Choose in the game following filter Tritanopie

Another interesting link I got from a EA employees, thanks to David. Maybe we should try this on BF1. Perhaps one could recognize the opponent better !?

Zitat:Solution for all Nvidia Cards , use the Control panel
If you go to Nvidia Control panel (I’m not sure where to find this in AMD) then ”Adjust desktop color settings” you will see options at the bottom for ”hue” and ”digital vibrance”. The vibrance just tends to make the colors brighter and stand out more while the hue completely changes them. There is a bar of colors by the hue setting to show you what effects the current setting has on each color. I have always used bright green enemy colors in Quake so I moved the slider around until the red bar (the color of the outlines in overwatch) turned into the color I wanted. I personally use 80% digital vibrance and 87 degrees hue.

There are millions of ways you can use. Another example is yellow. For the first time, many would think no that is not fine, it’s too weak. But it does. We use the yellow contrasts with white landscape & mountains at map where control the aircraft.

For a better understanding. You can also use the respective colors like blue, green, red weakness or blindness. To do this, you just have to weaken it slightly so your environment, landscape a bit pale. Your opponent, however, is better highlighted.
We played in this three mode. Enjoy the unique environment in BF and recognize your opponents.
Small tip from us: Open your Nvidia panel during the game. Play BF 1 in window mode. You can always pause the game with ESC , aftherwards optimize the color again.

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