FAQ: SimCity BuildIt City Design Competition

Hello Mayor!
Here comes my first guide to the new game mode in SimCity Buildit. Hope you like him ❤️

  • Capital for your City
  • With each new competition, you have the sum X at your disposal. The more you build, the more you have
  • Can i build with Simoleons
  • Not always. The current money  are Design Simoleons
  • Supply modules are pre-installed
  • Yes, Power plant, police, water, sewage, BUT If you build more than three houses, than you will be build up more of those resources. You pay for this with the special currency
  • Got another question, how is it with your own budget. You can use everything you have bought via Golden Key, Simcash
  • When the competition is over, all items will be added in your inventory again. Nothing is lost
  • Can other players see what I have voted
  • No, everything is anonymous. You only see the city names




++This guide will be always updated++

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