Wie baue ich einen Tunnel in SimCity 5

Danke an Maci für diese Frage

Wie arbeitet das Raise/Lower Tool in Simcity

So funktioniert es auf dem Mac mit Trackpad

Wenn Ihr einen Tunnel bauen wollt, so müsst Ihr erst in das Straßen Tool gehen
Sobald Ihr die Dichte gewählt habt, drückt Ihr zu gleichen Zeit die Taste mit dem Punkt . und hält dabei beim ziehen die Maustaste gedrückt mit dem Punkt – die Straße wird gesenkt

Mit dem Komma , hebt ihr die Straße

Bei einigen Usern arbeitet aber auch folgende Tastenkombi

M Taste für Anheben
N Taste für Absenken

Why Origin Account isn’t used in SimCity Buildit

A place where you can find your friends, which playing the same game.
Origin is a place where you can saved your game progress, but not in SimCity Buildit.
SimCity Series has always lived from the community of its neighbors players.

The release of SimCity Buildit was at the end of 2014
In the meantime got SCB many fun stuff, but the main function is still missing.

Linking with friends in Origin and save their saved games in Origin.

Older games like PvZ2 use this function. They were subsequently integrated there

Why am I writing this? Many players are already leaving SCB
The disappointment is big that there is no way to play with a friend in Origin,

This function is only possible via Facebook, via Game Center or Google Play.

Anyone using an Android device cannot play with a friend together, who uses an iOS device
Unless they both have an FB account.

You cannot delete an older city in GameCenter or Google Play.
Some players wished they could, instead, they found a second capital and let the old die

Wouldn’t it be much better, if we could meet on one level!
Origin is perfect for gamers using the same games. No matter what hardware used.

Many users wished they could link their Origin accounts to SCB too.
Would be great to choose from there a older saved game or start a new one!
The Sims Mobile uses already this feature , why not SCB!

Many players do not support EA’s policy, dont create a FB Account extra for SCB. A large number of people are not in touch with Facebook. Furthermore, it is not the 100 guarantee that FB will save your saved game. I know enough cases when SCB players couldn’t get to their game because it suddenly disappeared!

Think of the critical situation if your device breaks or you buy a new phone
Your saved games will be lost and you will never reach your city again.
This only, because EA continues to support the old features, but not its own client

Many players don’t support EA’s policy, that they saved their game via FB. A large number of people aren’t stay in touch with Facebook.

I can understand all of these players. Because there is nothing more important in life than privacy.
I’m sticky this topic, because I wanna tell EA
The time is right  do something, many players are pumping money into the game.

The hope dies last,  I hope that someday it will be something

A new button is available in SimCity Buildit.  The Apple ID * Sign in with Apple *.  You can connect your game directly via Apple ID.  Note this is only possible with latest ios13.

Okay it is not the optimal solution for the older players with their devices, but it is a beginning.