Missing some things since the last region update 1.27.4
For three days ago shipping out EA the region update. 
Today I discovered two major bugs. 

  1. Bug 1. I lost my medals and awards where I won during in the war.
  2. Bug 2. I lost so much to Fin Simleons. I had more than 4987. I wanted to buy the additional trading center. Although there was a small gift today through a small update by EA, I still miss about 1500 Simleons my remaining Simleons

It is frustrating, I donated all my energy to this region. The next thing that annoys me.
Please disable this stupid banner in the left corner below. You can not go to regions when this permanent message pop up, what you should do. I do not need a tutorial, I play this game since the beginning.

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Same here. Sad

lost all my Simleons in both regions Exclamation

Agree Liz. The alerts notification or status message should be turn off.
You can not do anything at this time when it displayed up. You can not switch quickly from a region, if you must to go to the arena.
How many times did I have it during the battle this news banner , he blocked me, it bothers me too.

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