FAQ: Spore on Mac


The game is still popular and we get thousands of inquiries.

Why won’t my spore open on Mac. We’re updating the guide and this is supposed to answer all your questions
First the following facts about Spore
Spore runs stable and safety on the latest macOs Sierra

Where is the game not running?

On virtual machines which simulate a mac platform
On newer iMac’s which used a higher screen resolution. Please start the game always in windowed mode
Remember; Spore is an older game and doesn’tt support the current screen resolutions

How do I install Spore correctly on Mac

Download the game through Origin with an EA det ID or install via CD with an extern Disk Drive
First: Make a Right-click on the game cover, disable Origin in the game
Under Properties, copy your code with ⌘C
Install the game
Open the game, you are asked if you should patch the game, say no
When the game is open, first set the final screen resolution und Settings in Spore
Close the game
Open again the game, you will be asked if you want to install the patch. Say yes installed all four patch
When everything is installed, open the game again
Set again the final settings, screen resolution, download cache etc
Then log in via the main menu, see below left corner

Where can I find the Spore folder

Navigate under 
\Users\[YourUserName]\Library\Preferences\SPORE Preferences\p_drive\User\Application Data\Spore\
In this folder you will find all the important data, including your saved games = Folder Games
Folder Preferens 
You’ll find the login files prop. If you have a problem with the login, you should delete it. Both files refresh it, if you start the game again

This cache is important, it is the brain of your sporepedia. All downloads and creations can be found in tmp files
GraphicCache package 
Must be deleted from time to time. They getting larger with time and can cause in game problems

Deleting Spore Cache on Mac
Navigate to Library / Preferences / SPORE Preferences / p_drive /User / Aplication Data /Spore/ Delete the graphic Cache.package

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